The Callup × Giveway winner

If you follow me on instagram (follow me Here) you'll notice that I've been shining my 32 in recent shots.

Well the reason is not far fetched, this week nysc finally decided to release the callup letters for 2016 batch A which I'm a part of. 💃💃
So expect some nysc inspired posts in the future.

Last week I saw wives on strike!!! 
Excuse the triple exclamation marks, but the film was really good. It was so good that after it ended everyone in my hall gave a resounding applause.  Its highly humorous but still addresses a very serious issue in our society.
So if you're looking for a great movie to relax to that'll give a good laugh you should go see it. 

Now time to announce Giveaway winner 
*drum roll*

And the winner  is Eze Ogechukwu
Congrats Oge. I'll contact you.

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Giveaway // Belle and Grace

Giveaway Closed 

Hi there. I think the weather is bipolar, in Lagos at least. Aren't we meant to be in the rainy season? 
In the few months since I've started this blog, I've gotten a lot of views on my posts. I really appreciate this, so this is a way of saying thank you to my readers. 

I collaborated with the lovely people at Belle and Grace for this giveaway. 
Belle and Grace is a proud African brand interested in making you stylish with an African touch. They promote Africa's beauty in everyday lives. You can check them out at

The Winner of the give away will get

~ A Lovely Africa inspired neckpiece

~ An Africa inspired  Robe (Size 10)

To enter the giveaway you'll have to: 
☆ Subscribe to my Newsletter here
☆ Follow me and Belle and Grace on Instagram @onyinyeokolie @belleandgraceafrica 
☆ Go to my Instagram page @onyinyeokolie and comment on the giveaway post, tagging 2 friends. 
☆ Leave a comment below with your email address (Winner will be contacted via Email). 

Winner will be chosen via and announced next week on the blog. 
*Open to only Lagos residents (except you have a plan for collection from me in Lagos)

Good luck! 

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Sneaky High-Low

"Worrying never helped anyone or help solve problems"

Its been a hot minute ey? Like literally.
The sun seems to have decided to show how scorching it can actually get, Phcn seems to have to have gotten the memo as they've decide to reduce electricity.
Let me not even get into the fuel issue. . . . 

It's so easy to worry. I've learnt to lay my worries at the feet of the Lord and this gives me peace. The alternative is bitten nails and high blood pressure. None of which looks good on anyone. But really who worrying epp? ☺

I've always loved the high-low trend.
So when I saw this dress I knew I had to get it. I wore this outfit some time ago to hang out with a friend.

I styled it previously with flat sandals. 
This time though i decided to try sneakers as I've never tried the sneaker and dress thing.

I've been having trouble finding some to taking pictures, however my lovely friend Flourish helped me take these shots when i visited her.

I'm thinking of styling this with maybe a belt and gladiators next.

Who else is loving Poe's Cover of Olamide's Who You Epp? You should check it out.

What do you think? How would you style this. Have you ever tried to wear a dress and sneakers?  I would love to hear from you, do leave a comment.

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Currently Loving// Wafers, Wattpad and Family Tv

Happy Easter! It's still easter right? Today should be Easter Tuesday :D.
How were your holidays? I Personally. Just ate alot and visited family.

This year i was particularly fascinated by easter eggs.  .  .  Do they hold any particular significance? Is there a story behind them? If you know please do tell in the comments. 
Enough of my rambling,  today I'll be talking about 3 things I'm currently loving.

Wafer Sticks

This is my yummy secret addiction. If i don't get my fix in a day i become restless.
They are basically long wafer sticks with cream inside the sticks.  They  are very yummy and could be used for desert with a scoop of ice cream by the side.
There are two types i eat. The are both by Hansbro one in a peachy pink pack and the other (Noreds) in a blue and pink pack.

They are affordable too. The one in a peachy pink coloured wrap has 4 sticks inside and goes for 30 naira per pack while the one in a blue and pink pack has 8 sticks and goes for 50 naira per pack.
Just check your local provision shop or even the aboki on your street or in your area to find it.


If you've checked my meet Onyinye page HERE you would know i love to read novels. Like i even have a scar under my chin from when i was about 8years old. I was sent on an errand but hid a novel in my clothes, i eventually found myself face down in a gutter by the side of the road obviously because my head was inside the book while walking.

But i digress .  . Wattpad is basically a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan fiction and poems. And it also allows you read gazillion books(that's a bit exxagerated) a lot of books either through the website or the mobile app The awesome thing? Its totally free! And you can read books even while offline once they're in your library.

Wattpad gets it's wonderful stories from undiscovered writers, published writers, new writers, with all users being given an equal chance to write. Since there are about 35 million visitors to the site per month, it's a great place to publish your story if you're a writer and want people to read your work.

There are alot of sections to choose from Science Fiction, Chicklit, Mystery/Thriller, Humour, Action, Romance, Adventure, Horror and much more.
This app helps me get through boredom alot. You can download the app in your appstore.

Mnet Family and BET on Dstv

Prior to discovering these stations, I mostly watched just Spice (Channel 192) and E! (Channel 124). But ever since i discovered them my love for that rectangular or sometimes square box that produces picture and sound has increased.

Mnet Family(Channel 162) is a very wholesome channel to watch with the whole family. Before a programme starts it is given a rating so you know what type of scenes the programme has. I particularly appreciate this as my Dad has on more than one occasion has given me the dreaded side eye when he saw a flash of a nearly naked woman while i was watching E! (probably one of the kardashians).
Some of my favourite shows on Mnet Family include America's Got Talent, Family Feud,  The talk and Two Broke girls.


I discovered BET(Channel 129) when BET 2 stopped showing.
BET has a myriad of black american shows and films. If you're a fan of Will Smith or Martin Lawrence you'll be pleased to know that they are currently showing reruns 90's sitcoms; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Martin.
But my favourite show on the channel hands down would have to be The Wendy Williams Show(How you doing?).

That's it folks.

How were your holidays? If you know the story behind easter eggs do tell? What are your favourite Channels/Shows?
Leave a comment below,  i would love to know.

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Convocation and A case of the Blues

Hi there, it's been a while innit? Forgive me, I'll try to post more regularly.

I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately to write, take pictures and post on the blog.
I wanted some certain things to be in place for the blog.
But people sometimes disappoint.
As i write this I'm not in the best of moods, but i know things will definitely look up. And this has taught me key lessons.
- You should never depend solely on one person. Have other options.
- Don't compare myself to others as God has planned different destinies and paths in life for everyone.
- Keep striving to reach your goals no matter the challenges.

Tired but smiling

On a much lighter note if you follow me on instagram(follow me Here) you'll know i convocated last week. Remember i talked about it in This Post ?
The day before the actual convocation was very strenuous, from the administrative block, to the bank, then to my faculty,  to a business centre .  .  . ,  i almost went beserk. But thank God i didnt.

I convocated on the Thursday the 17th. It was a very sunny and clear day.
All the graduants processioned into the convocation ground according to faculties.
It was a very beautiful ceremony.  Me and my cousemates however killed boredom during the necessary but long speeches by taking loads of selfies 😉. 

My parents came all the way from Lagos and i was estatic. Some of my relatives who stay around also came. But the real Mvp's that day were my School roomates and friends and my Rcf Unizik family.
They came out en masse to celebrate with me.

My Convocation marked the end of my first degree but the beginning of new things in my life. I'm grateful to God for this.
Even though I'll miss my friends and school life,  I'm looking forward to meeting new people,  going to new places and having new experiences.

Have you ever felt like giving up? Did you attend your convocation? If so how was the experience? Leave a comment below, I would love to know.

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REVIEW// Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent

Happy new month Darlings. Today I'm reviewing the Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent. Quite a mouth full ey? My review is based solely on my opinion and experience based on  my use of the product.

Sometime last year I went to the market in search of a Neutrogena cleanser/face wash. When I got to the store I usually patronise, I asked for the cleanser and I was given this clear pore astringent instead because Igbo boys can do anything to sell their goods. Short story, I decided to give it a try. 

So an Astringent is basically a water based solution that, when applied to the skin, is meant to shrink the skin. It also makes the skin less oily.

Neutrogena Clear Pore claims to be specifically formulated to instantly remove surface oil, to control shine and  to treat and help prevent break outs. 
This astringent also contains 2% salicylic acid as it's active ingredient.
This is great as salicylic acid helps in treating acne as it exfoliates and prevents clogging of pores.

The picture above was taken after a few weeks hiatus from the use of the astringent. So it's basically a day one picture. Continued use however gradually gives more visible results.
The Neutrogena Clear Pore has a lovely smell. When applied on the skin it's very cooling. I cleanse my face, then apply  using cotton wool.
After application it doesn't dry as fast as cleansers do. However once it's dry I notice that my pores become smaller and less visible. It also gave my face a very smooth feel.
I also noticed that on the days I use this my makeup lasts longer.  
This product definitely does what it's supposed to. It shrinks my pores, also helps in cleansing and removes oil.
I'll definitely recommend this. Especially for those with oily skin or acne.
You can shop it here and here

Have you used this product before? Would you try it out? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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How to travel Long Distance Comfortably

In the past month, I've been on the road a lot. And with my upcoming convocation and serving my fatherland more journeys are inevitable.
So I'm going to give tips that have helped to make my travels stress free.


I can't over stress the importance of this.
It saves you the  stress of the early morning queue and hassle to buy a ticket. Most bus companies have this option available, but a lot of commuters are unaware of it. 
It also saves you money. For air travel you can get tickets at a terrific bargain if you buy before your travel date. 
Arriving the airport or bus terminal on time is also very important


"Madam your load na N1500! Or you fit buy extra seat. Abeg answer me make we dey go. " 
This is a common scenario at bus parks.
Most companies allow commuters carry a decent amount of luggage without extra charges, some companies who use luxury buses allow as much as 50kg worth of load plus hand luggage.
However once your luggage exceeds the expected, you'll either be made to pay extra or forfeit the journey when your luggage can't fit in.
The key here is pack just essentials. Pack travel size toiletries and fold clothes properly to maximize space 


For me this means a flowy maxi dress, a shawl and flip flops.
But hey different strokes right? So just dress as comfortably as you can. I wouldn't advise very tight clothes as this could get uncomfortable after some hours. 
Also consider current temperatures if you're traveling by road. If the weather is as scorching as it is now, I don't advise long sleeves or thick clothes even in a fully air conditioned bus. 
You could dress lightly and carry a cardigan or shawl.


This is important so you don't start a rigorous search of your main luggage mid trip for an item you need. I personally like to carry a really spacious handbag that can contain a whole lot.
- Moisturiser. I usually travel sans makeup. So I need to constantly moisturise my dry skin  to look decent.
- Lip balm. Because chapped lips are never sexy.
- Hair brush/Comb. This is essential except you stay fully awake throughout the entire journey 
- Compact Laptop, Ipad, Tab or Phone. Is is just me that gets bored 1hour in a journey? So my laptop helps me catch up on the latest Korean dramas. I'll also advise you to carry a fully charged power bank for your phone or Tab.
- Mints/ Chewing gum. 
- Tissue and Sanitary towels
- A bottle of water 


It's hard to stay awake  throughout a long distance journey.
I always ensure however that my hand bag is properly closed and held in a death grip while I'm asleep. Or you could simply put your bag in a safe place, for example under your legs.
Also if you're about to doze off towards the end of your journey, you could tell the person beside you to wake you when the vehicle reaches your stop.


It's advisable to carry extra cash while travelling incase of eventualities.
Travel fares could change drastically, your vehicle could break down etc.

I hope this helps. 
Your turn. What makes your travels stress free?
Leave a comment, i would love to hear from you.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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OUTFIT//Danshiki + Jeans

I know the danshiki is so last year, but I still find it trendy. And Besides the weather is incredibly hot. So anything made of cotton is bae. 

I wore this to school a few days ago to facilitate my school ID for camp. 
I styled this with jeans which had a bit of tribal print, sandals and shades.

Noticed my hand was on my head in most of the shots? I don't know what it was doing there  😕

How would you have styled yours? Leggings, shorts, tucked in? Leave a comment and let me know.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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Hello welcome to Beautiful Onyinye. Wanna know more about me? Click Here

Chokers are all over town, everyone is wearing one. I was however not so quick to follow this trend.
The reason? Most chokers I saw in the market where not entirely to my taste. I just wanted something simple and unique.
The heavens seemed to have heard my cry as i came across a DIY post by Ijenna and was instantly inspired.
Now let's get to the tutorial.

This took me about 6-7minutes and materials needed can be easily sourced from your local tailoring shop.

Materials Needed

  • Measuring tape
  • Ribbon/ Bias
  • Super glue/Any type of glue that adheres well to fabric and plastic
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Studs/stones (for clothes)
  • Magic gum (Remember your kito sandals as a child? Those adhesives on it that had two sides, one rough, one soft? That's it. If you know the correct name kindly leave a comment below.)

Step 1

So the first thing to do is to measure round your neck . Now my neck was 14inches, i added 1 extra inch for the place I'll attach the magic gum.
Once you've measured your neck, cut out that measurement of ribbon(15inches in my case). Next you burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighted matchstick to avoid fraying.

Step 2

The second step is gluing your studs to the ribbon.
So you place your first stud in the middle of the ribbon, then the remaining two 1inch apart from the middle one. You can use as many studs as you like, but I felt 3 were just A ok.
Remember to apply your glue to your stud before sticking it to your ribbon, this makes your work neater.

Step 3

The last and final step is to attach your magic gum.

Cut the gum into size to fit the ribbon and sew on with needle and thread.You can skip this step if you can't find the magic gum. Simply make your ribbon about 10inches longer than your neck circumference(as stated in step 1) and tie at the back.

All done!!

Lovely yes?

Thanks for reading. I hoped you enjoyed this post. Would you try it out? I'll love to hear from you. Do leave a comment below.

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* Update: "Magic gum" is known as VELCRO